Why is my account on cooldown?

You have logged in to your account and you are met with a message that your account is on a cooldown.

The main reason you would be on a cooldown is for not fulfilling trades or for not buying the asset once you press the buy button.

Your account will be put on a 6-hour cooldown for the following:

Buyer cancels purchase

Seller cancels sale

Buyer reservation expires

Seller sale expires 

Sellers must send any assets in their Active sessions before they can list any more assets.

There are certain actions that will not lead to your account being put on cooldown. These include:

Removing a wallet, 

Listing an asset 

Viewing an asset before clicking the buy button.

Buyers - Please ONLY click the 'BUY' button if you are sure you want to buy that asset. If you don't pay it now means an account cooldown.

Sellers - Please be sure BEFORE you list an asset it is the asset you want to sell because if you don’t send the asset it means a 6-hour account cooldown.

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