What fees are on CNFT?

With any transactions on the Cardano blockchain, there are a few fees that occur. These are known as gas fees. This guide will tell you where that little bit extra goes when making a sale or linking your wallet.

Wallet Link - When you link your wallet you are charged between 2-3 ADA. You are refunded this fee minus the Cardano network fee which is around 0.20 ADA.

Sale of an asset - Once you have made your first sale of an asset you will notice you will receive a little less than the original price you listed the asset for. This is because we take 2.5% commission (min 1 ADA) of each successful NFT sale. 

No fees occur when:

1. Listing an Asset

2. Changing the price of an asset

3. Buying an asset

4. Verifying a project

There are separate fees for Smart Contract listings which can be in the article below.

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