How do I buy an asset?

Once you have created your account and linked your wallet you will want to start buying and selling assets. Make your way over to the Marketplace tab where you will see a whole host of different NFTs.

You can search specific NFTs by typing in the name or you can filter Low to High, High to low, Auctions ending soon, most viewed assets or just browse a bunch of different NFTs within a certain price range. Once you have found an asset that you’d like to purchase, follow these steps.

If the seller checks the 'Open to offers' box then you will have the option to offer a price lower than what is presented to you on the screen. If not you will have to pay the price that is shown to you on screen. 

1. Make sure all of the details are correct on the screen before making any purchases and then click the buy button.

2.. You will then have 20 minutes to pay for the asset. Failing to do so may result in your account getting a 6 hour cooldown period so please be sure about the asset you are buying before pressing the buy button.

3. You will see a couple of things on the screen. The asset you’re trying to buy and the sellers information. Then go to your wallet of choice (Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi, ccVault or Adalite) and send the amount that it tells you by scanning the QR code or manually typing in their address. PLEASE make sure that all the seller’s information is correct and the amount you’re paying for the asset is correct.

4. Once this is done do not refresh the page and let the timer tick down. You will see that Step 1 has a checkmark next to it to say your funds have been paid for the asset.

5. The seller then has 24 hours to send the asset which you will be notified of by email and also in the notifications section on the dashboard when they have sent it. If they do not send the asset in the required time frame then you will be refunded.

6. Once they have sent the asset you will see it appear on your dashboard under inventory. 

You must use a Cardano Shelley-Era wallet such as CC Vault, Nami, Daedalus, AdaLite, or Yoroi. DO NOT SEND FUNDS FROM AN EXCHANGE!

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